A downloadable asset pack

This is a series of 2 controllers and 1 handheld device drawn from scratch (they're not traced but rebuilt starting from 3D renders) in Photoshop more than 6 years ago, where each part (button screen, chassis) of the template could be individually customized.

Each files is roughly 3000px X ~10000px, and could be used in regular for HDi/retina display UIs.  (never done any CMYK proofing, but given the size they are useful for print works at 300dpi) 

Some time later I also converted them to be used as Unity UI elements (specifically, the then-common NGUI package) materials.

They're absolutely 100% free to use for personal and commercial works,  If you use  them somewhere let me know!


Dot Matrix Portable.zip 270 MB
16 Bit Evolution.zip 79 MB
8 Bit Classic.zip 87 MB
Game Controller Toolkit for Unity.zip 62 MB


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Really nice work! Perfect for use right away as mock GB / controller images. However, if you wish to use them to create a 'fake' GB display for a game then you'll need to put in some serious work in Photoshop to prepare them first - aligning the layers, cutting out the labels, etc. The components in the PSD are just flat images with very few layers (the screen, for example, is all literally just one layer with a drop shadow, and not a Smart Layer either) - this isn't a complaint, as the quality is really high and they are completely free! Just be aware in advance that you've got to put in some real effort to make these useable in a game.

Thanks! Yep, you're 100% right - these are some of my early works, and the're quite rought around the edges in some parts. Still, I tought they would've been usful to someone even so I just put here for free.

Given enough free time, I plan to upload way better stuff in the future.